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Kind Words Singapore // Video Testimonials
Shot on-location the Bandstand, Botanic Gardens.

Featuring video testimonials from:
Karlo and Jacq // June 14, 2014
Benj and Tin // June 8, 2014
Magnus and Cristine // July 20, 2013
Al and Mika // January 18, 2013
Jonas and Ema // June 23, 2012
Marlowe and Jeaney // May 13, 2012
Julius and Peachy // December 29, 2011
Joseph and Patricia // August 27, 2011
Erwin and Kate // June 18, 2011
Rudy and Escie // October 17, 2009

Also sharing with you written testimonials of past Jayson and Joanne couples.

Mike Dela Cruz and Rica Rivera
26 April 2013

Planning a wedding and finding a photographer who will work with you from outside the Philippines is no easy feat. We found Jayson and Joanne through a family recommendation that shot their wedding a couple of years ago. We then decide to email them and in an instant, they replied quickly. We were going back and forth with our questions and felt very comfortable with them. What stood out compared to everyone else were their quick replies and making us feel important. In addition they have a website where you can see their past work. We finally decided to ask them to shoot our engagement and wedding photos.

Passionate, a great storyteller, and professional are words to describe Jayson and Joanne work when they shot our wedding on April of 2013.

The day of our wedding Jayson and Joanne showed up early in the morning at our hotel to take great pictures of us getting ready. They had two teams ready for us. One team went with the bride and the other for the groom. I was impressed on how prepared they were and the creative shots they took of us.

If you also have a chance to add the onsite photo slideshow, I would HIGHLY recommend them doing it. They did an impressive job making the onsite photo slideshow. Our friends and family were so mesmerized at the end of the night they asked who did the onsite slideshow.

We just received our pictures from them recently and the pictures look awesome! This was probably one of the best investments we made for the wedding and I would highly recommend Jayson and Joanne.

You guys are Amazing! Cheers for that. Thank you! Take care always and God bless..♥ 😀

Gelo Valdez and Kae Palileo
15 December 2012

Booking Jayson and Jo Anne wasn’t a difficult decision. We did shortlist a few other photographers but when my mom and dad went to their office to officially meet them, the list was cut short. We were so convinced that we wanted them. Looking at their portfolio, we saw that their shooting style was what we were looking for: capturing the truly unguarded moments revealing the true emotion behind every photograph.

During our engagement shoot, it didn’t feel like it was our first time meeting them. They were both so professional yet so warm, making us feel at ease in front of their lenses. Not long after, we knew we did the right thing.

On our wedding day, they delivered so well, you can sense the passion they have for their craft. They made not only us, but all of the guests comfortable hence, they were able to elicit the genuine smiles from each one who faced the camera. We heard nothing but compliments from everyone. When we saw the output of what our day has been, we were more than content. Jayson and Jo Anne caught the tears and the smiles. Looking at the photos, we are always brought back to our day. They made us beautiful memories to hold on to.

Ron Reyes and Marj Andaman
9 December 2012

I still thank God I was able to book the spouses. First off, Jo Anne Arquiza has a laser eyes and uncanny sense for details. She makes small non-living things speak and breathe. Seriously. Jayson Arquiza’s quick fingers captures every bit of emotion millimeter by millimeter. He is crazy about colors and sticks to the natural. Mark this blog for these two will bankrupt Photoshop soon. Their so-called “raw photos” are sooo good, no editing needed.

Francis Lucero and Sheila Abary
29 September 2012

Choosing suppliers for the wedding is never easy cause every couple just want the best for their once in a lifetime moment! … And indeed we had a not so easy experience but it’s all worth it!

Both of us are not based in pinas (because of our work) back then when we were preparing for our wedding we always make it a point that everytime we go home we would be able to settle the things needed as much as we can.. There was one time that we went home for a wedding fair and one of the major things that we would want to settle then was the photographer.. There were a lot of great deals in the fair which would really make you stop and think but we were really looking for something that we know we would not regret and will not make us have a second thought.. cause photographer for us is really important..they will capture the emotions and memories that could only be seen on that very moment! The fair went on.. but we weren’t able to close a deal on the first day.. So we returned the next day with the big hope that we could finally settle it but then again we failed.

And oh yes! We realized that it was bacause in our hearts we wanted Jayson and Joanne Arquiza to be our photographer but they were not in that fair. So we tried to make appointment with them on that same day and lucky us that they were still able accommodate us despite the fact that it was a short notice, was already a little late at night and most especially that was the night before their flight to Japan. From that moment, we don’t know but we were really happy that we were feeling so comfortable and sure that we have chosen the perfect one for us and true enough that until now we could still say that “we have really chosen the perfect photographer”!.. They were very accommodating and comfortable to be with from the time we have signed contract with them… to the prenup session where they always tried to make things bubbly and fun … and until the big day where they made things light, enjoyable and just simply feeling great.

We are really grateful that despite the so much nervousness that we had on our big day, they still managed to make things smooth for us… their whole team always have the “stress free aura”! (really thumbs up for that guys!)
We love our photos and really having hard time to choose cause every shot has its own story to tell. Jayson and Joanne really have a sharp talent on photography… they are incredibly good in finding the best angle and emotion. Their photos are really clear and bright which for us are very important cause that really show the trueness of the memory and that will always bring us back to that special day! To you, Jayson and Joanne.. We will infinitely treasure your AWESOME works! Big THANKS! Keep it up! God bless!

Rain Elepano and Thebeth Veranga
5 May 2012

I was a nervous, excited, anxious Bride that morning. A lot of things were running in my mind while I was having my hair done. But all of these worries just disappeared when Jayson & Jo Anne arrived. The overall mood in the room changed, everyone was more at ease, relaxed and just plain happy. They were pros – not just in taking superb photos, but also in capturing our hearts. I am really grateful on how they just bring out the good vibes! They have the killer combo = Delightful charisma + Impressive photography!

Jayson & Jo Anne are artists who can easily capture even the most intimate, the most candid, the most dramatic shots very naturally. Our families and friends are impressed with their work. Everyone loved the AVPs they prepared. Everyone enjoyed smiling for them. They are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Perhaps the most ‘likes’ you’ll ever have on your Facebook will be photos taken by them. 🙂 They are that good! 🙂

Jayson & Jo Anne, we wish you all the best! More power, more good vibes!!! 🙂 Thank you soooo much!

Paolo Reyes and Rachelle Red
23 October 2011

Jayson and Joanne Arquiza are one of the first suppliers we booked for the wedding. We heard good feedbacks from friends but as a dreamy and hands-on bride, I wanted to make sure. So we decided to meet them in person to check if we will have the connection since we believe it is important that you will feel comfortable with your photographers since you’ll be literally doing everything in front of them. When we first met them, we knew they’re the one. There’s an instant connection and you’ll feel they are really nice and genuine couple. 🙂

We have good and unforgettable memories with them. First, I must say is their on-the-go attitude especially during our prenup where we brought them to the mountains of Quezon. From the early call time, their car machine failing to climb the steep ridges, slippery water lagoon, rocky and bumpy roads, deep woods, and all day shoot, we never heard any complaints from them nor show signs of fatigue. They were all smiles and high energy. It is really for the love of their craft or better yet for the love of us! Haha! 🙂

I can’t also forget how Jayson personally texted me early in the morning during our wedding day to say his best wishes and greet me Happy Birthday. He remembered! What a sweet gesture. 🙂 Come the pictorial before ceremony, Jayson and Joanne are so into capturing beautiful memories that Darlene Tan (our lovely coordinator) of Perfect 10 Weddings was already joking (well I must say half meant about it.. haha!) that I may not march if I will not be going on the way to Caleruega by that time. That’s how passionate Jayson and Joanne are. 🙂 Also, they helped my husband to give a surprise birthday gift of a printed wedding photo. Yes! I received our wedding photo neatly placed in a pretty picture frame during our reception. They printed and bought a frame by themselves. Aren’t they the best? 🙂

Oh! To top it all, they chose us to be featured in the W@W Calendars. We hoarded copies of it actually! Haha! 🙂 Not only did they give us a chance to be models but they perfectly captured one of the best days of our lives. Through their photos, we can relive the memories vividly. We would be forever grateful. Kudos to both of you and the rest of the team! Looking forward to more years of friendship! 🙂

Nano Zafranco and Ashbel Joy
15 October 2011

My hubby’s a Bosconian nung HS 🙂 So swak na kagad sila ni Kuya Jayson 🙂 super cool ng team nila sobrang walang pressure kakatuwa kasi parang mga kabarkada lang talaga walang awkward moments kahit na first time lang namin nagkita. Super gaganda ng shots nila nahirapan ako talaga pumili kasi andmi kong gusto hehe 😀 isa pang nakakatuwa eh na-capture talaga nila ung mga candid shots na talaga naman Kabog kung kabog ang pagkahuli sa mga bonggang bonggang emotions 🙂 Sila Kuya Jayson and Ate Jo Anne din ang kumuha ng pre nup namin 🙂 grabe parang naglalaro lang talaga kami. Kakatawa pa si Kuya Jayson kasi palagi ko sinasabi sa kanya na angguluhan nya ung braso ko haha at tinuruan nya pako ng mga tips kung panu mapaliit hehe 🙂 Yey hanggang ngayon nagagamit ko yung trick na un 😛 Panalo talaga! Nung nd pako ako ang bride lagi lang ako nagtitingin sa website nila nangangarap na makuha sila sa sariling wedding namin. Kaya Super Duper happy talaga ako nung pwede pa sila sa date namin yay!! Super talented! Super Cool! Friendly! Professional! Yan ang tatak Team J&J..Salamat po at naging parte kayo sa Pinakamasayang Araw ng Buhay namin! More Power to your Team Kuya Jayson and Ate Jo Anne! God bless..Kampayyy m/ Rakenrol!

Ome Romano and Emem Mendoza
11 June 2011

The day we booked Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza in a wedding fair will always be one of our favourite anecdotes. My would-be father-in-law had questioned the stability of their company and their relationship as husband and wife. While we never had doubts, the time we spent with them during our shoots and our wedding day itself reinforced what we already placed our trust upon.

During our pre-wedding photo session, we were very awkward photo subjects. We didn’t know how to behave in front of a camera but they have a way of getting us at ease and soon enough we found ourselves smiling – and even laughing uncontrollably – that most of our pictures showed how much of a good time we had. Despite the setbacks of an unexpected heavy downpour that day and not being allowed to shoot in a particular business establishment, no way can you tell that the resulting pictures were technically “stolen.” I guess it’s because of their innate talent of capturing the candid and the natural. Or because there’s truth to their claim that they are ninjas.

Come our wedding day, along with their gear, they brought with them their usual warmth. On a professional level, it is already expected that their timing and eye for detail are impeccable. They did not disappoint. On a more personal level, during our special day, they were more than just our photographers – they were our friends. They shared our laughter, anxiety and tears (including my father-in-law’s). Literally.

Today I don’t think anyone can question the quality of service they provide or the kind of relationship they have. My wife and I will find an excuse to renew our vows sooner than is necessary. And Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza will still be a part of it. We won’t have it any other way.

Henry dela Paz and Tetet Alon
30 January 2010

After the all important choice of the church and the wedding day, my husband and I decided on a simple, intimate early morning ceremony with only the closest family and friends. We also decided that we will put most of our money in the two things that will last forever, the rings and the pictures. We kept our engagement a secret (only family knew and friends, we told 100 days before the wedding, even if we planned it for a year). It was difficult to go around looking for suppliers in bridal fairs because we risk running into people and blowing the secret, and frankly, the orchestrated and cinematic shots in the booths made my then fiancé and I uncomfortable. We were simple people, and we wanted the pictures to capture the moments naturally, without unnecessary drama; it was just not “us”. We also did not have a lot of pictures as a couple and were very excited to finally have professional shots done at some of our favorite places. Jayson and Joanne were “referred” by a friend whom we found out were getting married in the same church, so we casually asked who are they looking at to take their pictures. When we saw the pictures on their website, we loved how they looked spontaneous and un-rehearsed. We made an appointment to meet them at their house/office and immediately hit it off. They were a warm happy couple, simple like we were, and were going to take the pictures themselves and not have a team of strangers take them like all the other big shops. The rapport showed in all the pictures and video, they captured the best moments in our lives forever, naturally happy, un-rehearsed, in radiant, natural light, and we will forever be grateful. Until now when we look at the pictures, raw shots and video, we are still moved to tears. Maraming salamat, happy Father’s Day Jason and happy birthday, Joanne!

Mark and Marj Blanco
18 December 2007

We tied the knot on 18 December 2007. Every moment of that fateful day was captured forever by Jayson and Jo Anne. Professionally. Magically.

Every detail, every movement, every emotion was skillfully taken in by Jason, supported by Jo Anne’s ministering hands. Each time I look at our leather-bound wedding album, I utter a silent prayer that Mark and I have entrusted to them the great responsibility of making the memory of our big day last forever.

Now, almost six years had passed, even our four-year old daughter and two-year old twin boys get to enjoy the product of their talents. My daughter even asked me once, “Mommy, was Daddy happy or sad here?” She was referring to a photo of my would-be husband at that time, while he stood at the altar, with tears on his eyes, watching me walk down the aisle. The shot was brimming with pure, raw emotions and it was captured forever!

I know this is long overdue, but to Jayson and Jo Anne, we thank you! Thank you for the excellent service, fast feedback and follow-through. We will forever be grateful for the impeccable job you’ve made to help us preserve our wedding memories for a lifetime.

Cheers to you both and your family! We pray for your continued success and more power.

Vincent Bernas and Carole Clemente
2006 December 7

We had Jayson shoot for us during our wedding dated, Dec 7, 2006. It was still Redefine Weddings then, and just Jayson and a back -up photographer with Joanne still pregnant to Zeb.

We found out about Jayson through a W@Wie, Vhong, who highly recommended them though Jayson was just new in the industry. Looking at Vhong and his wife’s photos and the yet few clients they have online, I was convinced by the vivid and innate talent Jayson has in capturing the candid yet pure essence of love that couples want to see in the outputs. So I emailed them right away and booked them then and there.

During our pre-nup shoot, Jayson and his team was very warm and comfortable to work with… There was no stiffness nor difficulty in dealing with them.. They were just new then, but they were definitely professional and passionate in their craft that you wouldn’t notice they’re novices then. They came early during our wedding day, very cooperative with our coordinator, and were just all out for us.

When the outputs arrived, we were so pleased with the outcome, the layout, the graphics, the material, – we were so happy they were the photographers/ supplier we had on our special day.

To this day, we keep in touch with Jayson and Joanne, and we are so happy to see how blessed they have come to be in this industry. We are definitely proud to be a Jayson and Joanne client! 🙂 God bless you more guys!

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